New products: WT01 service unit, Simple skinned tank (datasheet), Simple skinned tank (pictures).

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Mobilgázolajkú deals with production, assembly and distribution of petrol tanks and mobile petrol stations. These so called mobile petrol tanks can be easily established, their operation and servicing can be carried out in a simple and economical way. Mobile petrol tanks are made in different dimensions, cubic capacity can be adjusted according to our customers' requirements. Petrol tanks meet Hungarian regulations and European Union's standards, are well-equipped from the point of view of security and include explosion-proof electrical equipment. Using these mobile petrol dispensers filling up machines and heavy-duty vehicles and their fuel consumption will be more controllable, "overfilling" and "filling into pocket" will decrease. In case of purchasing petrol in large quantities, it is possible to make a saving of a million Forint annually as well. We offer favourable rent, lease and finance conditions to purchasing our products. In case of demand we can supply fuel too, through service of a big oil company which will mean security and considerable saving in your fuel costs, thus price of mobile petrol tank will be recovered in a short time.

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